ESSENCE seeks to build collaborations between individuals and groups with expertise or a view to share on some aspect of climate change, and software development groups who have Web platforms they want to see tested.

On the wiki Tools pages, you’ll find introductory profiles to each of the Technology Groups who are participating in this experiment. Check them out, indicate your interest in trialling their tool if you can, or get in touch with them direct to find out more. Or perhaps you have a tool that you would like to make available?

Technology players developing the ESSENCE tools are currently offering their active support for Participants who wish to pilot them in an ESSENCE Taskforce, to tackle one or more of the Challenges.


Tool Name Type Short Description Organization Introductory Video
Cohere Web-based knowledge/argument mapping Cohere is an idea management tool for you to weave meaningful connections between ideas, for personal, team or social use.
Cohere is part of an emerging vision of sensemaking infrastructure for crafting, sharing and disputing ideas

UK Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute.
Creator: Simon Buckingham Shum
Introduction to Cohere: video
Compendium Desktop application to publish interactive maps on the web
Compendium is a hypermedia software tool, providing a visual interface for mapping the connections between people, ideas, multimedia documents and websites, to support the analysis of socio/technical problems Compendium Institute, Core development work based at the Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, UK
Compendium welcome video
Debategraph Browser-based visual debate mapping tool and public repository of debate maps
Debategraph is a creative commons, social venture that combines argument mapping and wiki-editing to let people around the world collaboratively map complex and contentious public issues; so that the best arguments on all sides of any debate can be freely available to all and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all Thoughtgraph Ltd. (UK), Creators: Peter Baldwin, David Price
Deliberatorium Web-based deliberation tool
The Deliberatorium is an implemented, evolving, web-based system developed to help large distributed groups efficiently arrive at well-founded conclusions concerning responses to complex challenges like climate change MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Creator: Mark Klein

Introcuction to MIT Deliberatorium: Video
TruthMapping Online argument tool
TruthMapping compels us to interact rationally on a topic by building a truthmap. A truthmap is an argument that has been broken down into its component parts that allows not only for very specific critiques but also through a process of revision allows arguments to evolve and strengthen or to disintegrate: all without digression and other forms of naturally occuring noise Creator: Jack Paulus (US)
TruthMapping Introduction: video
Debatewise Debating wiki
Debate wise is a wiki where anyone can start a debate on any subject they like and anyone can edit and strengthen that debate.
The idea behind the site is that the best arguments will emerge when different people collaborate. And that the creation of a resource like this allows people to compare both sides of the argument and come to an informed decision
Debatewise Ltd, London (UK)
CoPe_it! Web-based collaboration support tool
CoPe_it! is a tool to let webizens easily collaborate by sharing opinions and resources. It builds on an argumentative collaboration approach that allows communities’ members to express their point of view on the opinions and resources of a workspace CTI (Computer Technology Institute)
e-Learning Sector, (Patras, Greece)

Adding object in CoPe_it! workspaces: video
Argumentations Online argumentation management and sharing application is a tool to develop Argument Maps. It is a community-focused contribution system to develope argumentations faster and better is designed to provide freedom across several dialogues, debates, and discussions with an open architecture to reuse your arguments when as you see fit, Creator Zanshin Post

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